We are very excited about the launch of our brand new portal product we have called Practice Gateway.

Practice Gateway is a unique tool that looks to enhance the way accountants work, through a simplified, single, and personalised portal system. This special portal allows for practices to advance into the digital age with a piece of technology that introduces automation, and significantly reduces time taken on usual manual tasks.

Working with many of the top UK accountancy firms, we are very excited to introduce this distinct solution to the market, and see this as a real driver to enhancing relationships and interaction between accountants and their clients.

PRACTICE GATEWAY_WEB_LEFT AND RIGHT ALIGN_COLOURBuilt on Microsoft Dynamics, we have created a front end portal for clients to enter their information, which then triggers a robot to input that information into the back end system, for the accountant to then pick up and interact accordingly with the client. Practice Gateway removes the need for a middle man – the accountant no longer needs to collect all the information from their client, chase them 2-3 times with emails to get the relevant information, and then spend hours manually entering the data into their systems.

This solution is built so that the client can put in the information themselves, i.e. submitting a personal tax return, and then the robot will mimic the tasks that typically the accountant would do, such as chasing records, reminding the client, typing in the data, and more.

Daniel Teacher, Managing Director at T-Tech has commented "It's amazing to see this fantastic product come to fruition. We have been working for a long time to create something simple for our clients to use, that automates a lot of typical accounting processes, providing their own clients with a single view of the information they need.

"We really hope to see Practice Gateway driving positive and effective change across practices."

You can find more information about Practice Gateway here, or sign up for a free demo here.


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