As the talk of COVID-19 continues to challenge us all on how and where we work, Microsoft continue to support customers in order that they can go about their daily work as normal. Regardless of whether you’re a managed or unmanaged Microsoft customer, they are offering a free 6-month Microsoft Teams trial in order for businesses to remain connected whilst working remotely.

Within Teams and across the Office 365 suite you have everything you need for flexible and remote working, making it a seamless experience to communicate with your colleagues if you do find yourself working from home.

See our 9 top tips for remote working with Microsoft Teams:

  1. Share your work in OneDrive: Creating a file in OneDrive means you can easily share it and collaborate with your team. Once signed in to Office 365, browse to the folder where you want to store the file, select new, and then choose the type of file to create. As you add content, OneDrive automatically saves the file.
  2. Use Microsoft Teams to stay organised: Stay in touch no matter where you are with Microsoft Teams. Get to your files on OneDrive, have online meetings and calls, chat with a few colleagues, or make posts to your whole team. Everything you need for productive collaborative work is there.
  3. Pin your favourite Teams: Pin channels you work with most often and they'll appear at the top of your Favorites list for quick and easy access. Select More options ... to the right of the channel name, and then select Pin.
  4. Collaborate on files within Teams: Add a file to a channel to give access to everyone who needs it. On the menu at the top of your channel (above the conversations), select Files. Select New to create a new file, or Upload to upload an existing one. Now the file is shared with your Team, and everyone's edits will show up as they're made.
  5. Meet now in Teams: Open your calendar in Teams. At the top of the screen, select Meet now, and then select Join now. Type names or phone numbers of the people you want to add to your meeting. To share your screen, select the Share button in the tray at the bottom of your meeting window.
  6. Edit together: To edit with your colleagues, first sign in to Office 365. Select OneDrive. Open a Word document, Excel workbook, or PowerPoint presentation. Select Share, enter the email addresses of the people to share with, and select Send. Now the file is shared with everyone on your list.
  7. Chat within a share word doc: Collaborate even more closely while co-editing a document. When editing a shared Word doc in Office 365, select the picture of someone who’s editing at the same time, and then select Chat.
  8. Collaborate and save to OneDrive: Open File Explorer (press Windows logo key + E) and select OneDrive. Drag in a file, right-click it, and then select More OneDrive sharing options so everyone can contribute.
  9. Automatically back-up folders: Keep your Documents, Pictures, and Desktop folders automatically backed up with OneDrive, so they're protected even if you lose your PC. On the right side of the taskbar, select OneDrive > More > Settings. On the AutoSave tab, select Update folders and specify which folders you'd like to automatically sync.

You’ll find more resources here or sign up for a free demo today to get started on Teams.


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