Wouldn’t it be great if getting your workforce working together was as easy as flipping a switch? 

As we advance into the digital age, more businesses want to attain an environment of productive teamwork and sustain a collaborative culture for years to come.

The growing collaborative culture

But it’s not always straightforward knowing what tools are best, and at which cost. We are not talking about just financial costs here, but the costs of ineffective collaboration too. Maybe working is less agile because decisions are taking longer to make and execute; or lower quality decisions are made due to fewer viewpoints and incomplete data; resulting in reduced innovation because of the lack of information sharing, so discoveries aren’t leveraged in other areas.

To overcome these challenges, collaborative working needs to become part of your work culture and dynamic. Face to face meetings are important, but as the world advances and the speed of business becomes greater, the demand for efficient working with your team needs to become the centre point. Today’s workplace shouldn’t be a challenging environment for teamwork – you just need the right tools that work the way you do.

The ultimate tool: Microsoft Teams

By flipping the collaboration switch in your business, you are enhancing your peoples’ experience of being able to work more efficiently and can therefore immediately expect higher engagement from them. More than 125,000 organisations worldwide have empowered employees with built-in access tools they need right in Office 365 with Microsoft Teams. Teams is a powerful tool bought to us by Microsoft, that solves for multiple communication channels, disparate collaboration tools, and a remote workforce. Teams will give your people everything they need; a central hub for communication and collaboration across the whole business.

With Microsoft Teams, you can give your people built-in access to everything they need right in Office 365. It’s great because you don’t have to shell out the money for a separate chat-based collaboration tool; it’s all included in your Office 365 subscription so there are no extra costs. With Teams, you can:

  • Manage all your conversations, files, and tools in one workspace
  • Enjoy instant access to SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, Power BI, and more
  • Create and edit documents right in Microsoft Teams
  • Speed employee onboarding with persistent conversations and instant access to files
  • Search across people, files, and chats within one hub for teamwork
  • T-Tech solution of a fully integrated phone system right within Teams

Teams collaboration will allow your people to pursue new ways of working, new ideas, and different perspectives, that they wouldn’t have necessarily pursued in the past. It is fully customizable and extensible, so you can create custom based channels based on specific work streams, with different people within your business, i.e. a ‘General’ channel which has all staff included for company updates, or a ‘Managers’ channel, exclusively for the relevant people. And best of all, you don’t need to leave the application to do your work: all your other applications are integrated making them instantly accessible. The likes of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Power BI, as well as video meetings and file sharing will enable greater productivity when all used in this single shared workspace — not forgetting being wrapped in the security of the Microsoft cloud.

It’s almost overwhelming what Microsoft Teams can do.

So now you know all about the potential of strengthening collaboration within your business, why not switch on the power of Teams? Who knows, this advance could be a replacement of all email communication in the future…

If you need a hand in implementing Microsoft Teams today, you know where to find us!


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