We love Microsoft Teams for so many reasons - not just because of our added telephony functionality, but also because of the various features it maintains, which continues to bring us so many business benefits.

As with all of the Office 365 applications, Microsoft are constantly updating our daily tools with new features and enhancements. Since its release in 2017, Teams has massively expanded with a roll out of consistent upgrades and improvements. Especially with the features surrounding conference calling - this has never been easier. Let's explore some of its more detailed aspects...

  1. Don't miss out on a meeting again. You can now participate in Teams meetings via Audio Conferencing, meaning you can dial in even without an internet connection. Enable this service with Office 365 to connect to colleagues and contacts whenever you need to.
  2. Open out your meetings to whomever you like with Anonymous Join. Now anyone with a valid email address can be invited to participate in your meetings, even if they are not in your organisation.
  3. Give yourself some breathing room with a Virtual Lobby. If you have individuals from outside your organisation attending then they will automatically be kept in this lobby before being brought to the meeting. This gives you some privacy and a sense of personal space on an online platform.
  4. Cut through the noise with the power of muting. All attendees can be muted to eliminate irritating background noise and create a focused atmosphere free of distraction. Attendees are notified when they are muted, and can undo it whenever they would like their voices to be heard.
  5. Using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome? If yes, then you're in luck. These browsers allow you access Teams without having access to the app or having to download a plug-in. This makes joining a meeting wherever you are easier than ever before.
  6. Avoid embarrassing moments with Application Sharing. This allows you to specify the windows you wish to share with your colleagues, rather than having to show your entire screen, meaning your private emails will stay private.
  7. Application Sharing also allows colleagues to control each others' computers, should permission be granted. This allows greater and more specific communication as tasks can be demonstrated on others' screens.
  8. Allow Interactive Troubleshooting to notify you about potential issues you may be experience to ensure you enjoy Teams at its very best. Gone are the days of talking for minutes on end whilst on mute, as Teams will warn you if it senses you are speaking without anybody being able to hear.
  9. Teams aims to constantly improve the service they provide. Call Analytics allows for the examination of call quality by either you or helpdesk professionals. Calls are individually listed in your history so that the qualities of each one can be compared and contrasted with the others. This provides the opportunity for improvements to be made as specific issues are rectified in your communications with each of your contacts.

Want some guidance? Get in touch for a demo and we'll show you the ropes and make sure you're getting the best out of Microsoft Teams. 



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