Did you know that 72% of employees will be working remotely by the end of 2020 according to Microsoft experts? Remote working is one of the biggest workplace revolutions that has taken place in history. 

Staff members having the flexibility to choose their work schedule, to avoid painful commutes, and have a better work life balance inevitably increases productivity and general happiness. The fact that remote working is paving the way for future business continuity drives the question, is your business ready for the remote working transition?

We understand that adopting new technology requires behavioural and attitude changes, and the idea of this is scary! Businesses are used to legacy processes, whether they help or hinder daily operations, so transitioning takes a lot more than buying some shiny new tech. It is fundamentally a different way of working. Yet the rewards in enabling new levels of flexibility will determine the future success of your business. Otherwise you risk losing your top talent as the demand for remote working grows.

The business case for implementing remote working policies is particularly relevant in this COVID-19 era. The uncertainty surrounding whether we will be allowed to work in the office or if we will be isolated in our homes makes being able to remote work a necessity.

Let's look at some of the long-term benefits.

Attracting and retaining your best people

You'll find that the best of breed people in your industry are often further along in their careers, who perhaps have families or other commitments which makes remote working a big perk.

Offering remote working within your business will appeal to a much wider audience and attract those people you want the most. But more than that, it shows you care about your employee’s work-life balance and trust them with the freedom of being flexible. It also gives your people incentive to want to continue working for you, rather than looking to your competitors.

Increased employee satisfaction

Virtual work and flexible schedules mean additional family time, zero commute, more freedom to travel, and work from any destination. Not only will this increase employee satisfaction, it will also impact employee productivity and engagement.

In the current climate, the zero commute element is an important factor. If we begin to see travel restrictions, remote working really does become the only alternative option.

In 2019, a study found that full time remote workers said they are happier in their job 22% more than people who never work remotely. 91% of people decided to work remotely for a better work-life balance, 79% for increased productivity, and 78% to avoid commuting.

By enabling staff the freedom to work remotely, they are much more likely to be happier and loyal to the business.

Easy and efficient

Remote working gives people the freedom to be productive and efficient, whilst in the comfort of their own homes. The current state of things will give your people peace of mind that they can continue as normal, without the worry of travel bans or catching anything unhealthy.

The ease of taking your laptop home and having everything at your fingertips gives your people a sense of trust and encourages productivity.

Reduced operating costs

Rented office space is one of the biggest fixed operating costs a business can have. Having a smaller office and developing policies for employees to work remotely can reduce costs. We understand that many businesses need their offices for face to face meetings, and to use office resources. But now that Microsoft Teams has conference calling and meeting features within the Office 365 license, there are no extra costs to having meetings. Having a unified comms tool that enables remote workers to collaborate with colleagues means zero expenses on travelling or commuting, and time saved.  

So it’s time for Teams!

This collaborative communication tool is one of the most effective ways to enable your staff to work remotely. Teams allows people to collaborate in one central place from anywhere in the world. Some of its standout features include:

  • Chat – instant chat conversations and channel conversations to your team and clients, making communication quick
  • Collaboration – edit and share documents in real time with your colleagues and communicate directly at the same time. There are so many extensive features attached to this
  • Calling – combine teams with a full phone system and connect with anyone on a global scale
  • Meetings – real time audio, web and video conferencing from any location, on any device

The best business results come from having the best tools. The uncertainty of our working environments with everything surrounding COVID-19, means it’s now or never to stay connected. Remote working with Teams allows effective and productive practices, that will ultimately set your business on the right path for the future. 

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