Trying to control and maintain technology processes, without the right resources and expertise, alongside your daily duties, can be a real strain on your business. 

More and more SME's today are recognising the increasing need to grow their technology, to match the growing needs of their business.

As an expert UK-based technology consultancy and managed service provider, T-Tech can offer your business a fully outsourced solution. Our goal is to pair management consultancy with a personalised IT strategy, to provide our customers with a unique IT solution that suits them. We ensure that your business is operating as efficiently as possible, whilst maximising technological capabilities.

Some of the key challenges our clients face includes:

  • Lack of management: Businesses who don’t have an IT department in house to make things happen, often rely on someone in the company who has fixed a problem in the past, without them having the expertise to manage a full IT system. But technology is too vast and moves too quickly for just one individual to keep up with.
  • Growth at the expense of process: Many of our clients see successful growth but face a challenge in maintaining standardised processes across the company. This often leads to poor training, key knowledge leaving with employees and organisational silos (different departments doing things differently).
  • Keeping up-to-date with technology: A key challenge is understanding the full capability of existing technology and without a clear, defined process it is difficult to spot areas of inefficiencies and improve technology in these areas. A further challenge is the transition to digital-only processes, both for the company and their clients.
  • They want to change but do not possess the time or expertise: Several of our clients have identified that they need to change their processes but do not have the time to do so and often do not possess the ‘know-how’ and ‘in-house’ capability.
  • Resistant to change: Employees are generally resistant to change because of bad management of change. They often think that what they already have in place is enough to get by with, and make excuses such as bad timing, lack of competence, and bad former change experience.

Many business decision makers have an idea of what they want, but are unsure where to start. Offering our consultancy touch, combined with our IT expertise, we will fully understand and document the key change requirements for your business.

This might include a change in technology, a process, a practise, or a greater understanding about whether you are compliant with a new regulation. Once these requirements have been gathered, a solution will be designed, tested and delivered into your company - either by us or a sourced third-party vendor - within an agreed time and budget.

Our Solution...

As part of your solution, our team of consultants will conduct workshops, to fully understand the process your company currently follows for key business tasks. This will then allow for:

Process Standardisation and efficiency

  • Present the current-state process, to allow management to take effective decisions on how to best standardise the process
  • Present key recommendations on how technology can be better utilized to save time and money
  • Work with you to make your process as automated as possible
  • Provide process documentation, that can be regularly reviewed for continuous improvement but also as a key training aid as new staff join
Requirements Gathering
  • If you have a high-level business need, or an idea of where you want to be, we will interact with key business stakeholders to understand critical requirements and help you design a solution that best meets the needs of the company
Project Delivery
  • If you have a key project, either scheduled or in progress, we will help you track and implement it within time and budget, giving the project the best chance of success
  • We will establish strict governance, using proven project management methodologies to give the project a smooth delivery into the day-to-day work of the business