In today's fast-paced technological world, the realm of IT support and service desks has undergone a transformation, and here at T-Tech, we are at the forefront of this dynamic shift - pushing to stay ahead of the curve.

Gone are the days of being labelled as the "fix my laptop" team relegated to the basement. T-Tech has stepped up and elevated to a position of pride as the central nervous system of the business. 

Sometimes the service desk is stuck fighting fires and may have once been solely reactive. But we acknowledge that the most high-performing businesses in our client portfolio, are the ones aligning their IT with the business strategy, embracing agile working practices, seeking to automate, and have digital transformation and AI on the agenda.

Can your business confidently stand among these trailblazers?

If the answer is no, do not panic. There is time for a transformative journey.

According to the Help Desk Institute, only 29% of people asked, consider their IT team critical to business success. Surprising, isn't it? In an era where technology underpins nearly every aspect of our operations, and IT teams play a pivotal role in implementation, maintenance, and support, this disconnect is remarkable. It's an opportunity waiting to be seized. A well-executed IT strategy can be a game-changer, and it's high time for IT to take center stage in your business narrative.

Embracing technology will not only make your teams work faster but also more efficiently with increased accuracy. The value perceived by both your clients and employees is the proverbial icing on the cake.

Unveiling the 6 secrets of a winning IT team 

So tell me more about this high performing IT team, I hear you cry; "what is the secret?" Nothing you probably don't already know if you thought about it. But are those ideals applied? Are they truly part of the IT team?

  1. Fostering an environment of teamwork is the key to driving forward any level of success. Everyone must be a contributor: hangers-on and cruisers are not welcome on board this train!
  2. The top-tier IT team is not waiting for the call to come in or for a problem to arise, they are identifying and fixing the problem before it happens, and they are striving for continuous improvement. They are actively engaging in problem management.
  3. A broken laptop isn't simply a technical glitch; it translates to a salesperson who isn't selling; an accountant who isn't billing; and a customer service rep who isn't assisting clients. We understand this ripple effect.
  4. A high-performing team is twice as likely to have a robust digital transformation plan, and nearly half of these see an improved ROI on technology. They are investing in artificial intelligence, analytics, and reporting.
  5. With the value 'service centric' at our core and underpinning everything at T-Tech, everything revolved around the question: "Will this have a positive impact on our clients?" If the answer isn't a resounding YES, we reevaluate our course of action. 
  6. Having tools, methodologies, and investing to make things quicker is vital. Streamlining processes paves the way for achieving all other goals.

Whether you have an in-house IT team or use an external support company, at T-Tech we know what good looks, and we are always pushing to get there. We want to bring our clients on this journey too.

Technology and the IT team may be that piece of the puzzle being ignored, that could really make a game-changing impact on your business.

Get on board with:

  • An agile and productive workforce
  • Return on technology investment
  • Elevated customer satisfaction
  • A competitive edge in the market
  • An enriching company culture
Reboot your IT back office and give it pride of place in the forefront. 

Regardless of your current state, the T-Tech team stands ready to add value. Through consultancy-led approaches, we bridge the gap between your business strategy and the supporting technology and processes. And if a strategic plan is yet to be carved, don't worry; we're equipped to help you shape that vision and transform it into reality.

Welcome to the future of IT Support. Get in touch with our team today.