Practice automation is about lifting the administrative burden that all business’ have. Those rather mundane, zero value tasks that need to be completed in order to deliver the real work. Using the power of Microsoft Azure to deliver this exciting AI technology to the SME market.

Leverage the true value of your practice

Some examples of how a virtual workforce can make a difference:
  • Reduce the time to complete LOE's
  • Run 90% of the Payroll function
  • Update client information in seconds across all platforms, including external websites like HRMC
  • Complete bookkeeping and data input 24/7 using a Virtual Workforce
  • Automate the KYC process

Our Managing Director Daniel, saw a great opportunity to deliver affordable forward thinking technology to our customers using the in house skills we have as a Microsoft Gold Cloud partner, along with the fantastic Virtual Working technology from Thoughtonomy. This partnership is something he really sees having an impact in the market and setting apart the players within the sector.

"We want to bring the kind of technology that was once only the vision of the big players to all SMEs'. From working with accountants and IT managers on a daily basis, I see consistent business cases where this kind of offering would bring true value and meaningful impact. I am excited to work with our customers to make it happen."

To hear more about the opportunity, sign up for a demo, speak to your account manager or register here to review the business case for you to embark on an automation journey. Learn more here.

Alternatively, join us at an event in January at Microsoft HQ, where we will be discussing with your peers the value, blockers and benefits of embarking on this Automation journey.  Sign up here!